After more than 16 years in the car business. One truth keeps reaffirming itself over and over. Buying a vehicle shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. Through the years, I’ve worked in different dealerships, and I kept seeing many things that made no sense at every level from top, middle management all the way to salespeople. More often than not, the same way of doing things or “mistakes” were being made at completely different dealers. Your car buying experience shouldn’t be stressful and prolonged. Buying your next vehicle should be fun, exciting, fun and easy! Yes, I did say fun twice. Because it should be FUN!
You should be able to look at cars without somebody “shadowing” or constantly pressuring you into making a decision. It’s your hard-earned cash, your valuable time and let’s face it, sometimes even your feelings being invested in this process. Who hasn’t had their heart set on their dream car? Perhaps looked for a car as a gift for a loved one only to have the whole experience turned into a nightmare by a dealer who cared about everything other than their customer? Sure, they say otherwise, but their actions tell you what you need to know. It isn’t rocket science.
You should feel comfortable with the vehicle, the person you’re dealing with and the whole process, period! The people you are dealing with should be able to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to make a well-informed decision.
Are we here to make a profit? Of course…. What business isn’t? However, at the end of the day, it is not just about making a living, but about people and taking care of their needs as well. We are here for the long run. And we will only succeed if we take care of you fairly, honestly and truthfully.
Our goal is simple, to make your car buying experience quick, easy and hassle free. Allow me the opportunity to earn your business. As a businessperson, I want to provide you with this valuable service, and I want you to refer me to your friends and family as well. As a person, I want to treat you as I like to be treated when I’m the one in the buyer’s position. Call, text or email me at any time, 469.343.9136 eddiemycarguy@gmail.com I am here to help you.