Destiney Broadnax 11/6/2018

Destiney Broadnax 11/6/2018

I recently purchased a 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour from Eddie’s Car Connection and I love it inside and out! I was very pleased with his inventory and type of vehicles he carries. I also financed my vehicle through him as well and the process was easy and for an affordable rate.I recommend Eddie’s Car Connection for any one who is looking for quality good vehicles.

Destiney Broadnax

Mustafa Bashaireh 10/31/2018

Mustafa Bashaireh 10/31/2018

The best car dealership,,,best customer service and prices and that’s what a customer needs ,,, I appreciate all your help and your attention to my all my auto needs.I would definitely recommend my friends and family because i know you’d treat them well!! Thanks ❤️❤️

Mustafa Bashaireh

Shane Thomas Christopher  10/25/2018

Shane Thomas Christopher 10/25/2018

Great customer service and solid vehicles. Eddie goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are satisfied. I would highly recommend Eddie’s Car Connection if you are looking for a high quality used vehicle.

Shane Thomas Christopher

Ann Potts Nickel   July 27, 2018

Ann Potts Nickel July 27, 2018

We will go back to Eddie for all our car needs! Fantastic experience!

Ann Potts Nickel

Chris Morris    June 14, 2018

Chris Morris June 14, 2018

Just bought a used Corolla from Eddie's. Super easy and Eddie's a great guy to work with. Next used car I need, I'll be back.

Chris Morris

Rob Dufresne  March 9, 2018

Rob Dufresne March 9, 2018

Had searched all over the Metroplex for our daughter’s car after hers was totaled . Wish we had known this little gem was here all along, would have saved us many hours of test drives elsewhere. Eddie’s is zero pressure, zero hassle car shopping. After choosing the car, we noticed some items and Eddie took care of them all and kept us updated along the way. Car was very clean and mechanically sound. I recommend Eddies Car Connection, LLC for those interested in a pre-owned automobile.

Rob Dufresne

Jessie Ortiz  March 4 , 2018

Jessie Ortiz March 4 , 2018

Eddie had a specific bmw that had every option I wanted. I called Eddie to ask questions of the car, and he was more than willing to answer any questions I had, a very friendly and honest guy for sure. The whole process of buying the vehicle from start to finish was smooth, and easy. When I drove from San Antonio to Dallas the car was beautiful, more so than what I expected. I drove the car 300 miles home and I love it. Definitely recommend!

Jessie Ortiz

Harris Cetta  March 24, 2018

Harris Cetta March 24, 2018

Eddie was extremely helpful in ensuring we made the right decision with our car purchase. He was very personable and easy to talk to. He made the process so easy and I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. Another thing that I like is there were no surprises, if the car had small flaws he let us know in advance. Honest salesman. Also Tony is incredible! Thank you for going the extra mile to detail my new car. I really appreciate your hard work.

Harris Cetta

Guinevere Edomwonyi  March 2, 2018

Guinevere Edomwonyi March 2, 2018

Goodness Gracious of Life!! One Day I was being handled rudely by one company, The Very Next Day At Eddie's , I was Being Treated with Dignity and Respect. From the initial contact, by way of Email, to the text message, then, to the 1st phone call. We feel for Eddie to be a Human's Person. Not a corporation, although, he is his own..Lol! He's a real person, naturally kind and business oriented! A wonderful example of what it is to have to live this world and things go right for you. This experience has been one of the Best, in a looong tiiime. Thank you Eddie! We appreciate you! And we are digging our ride!!

Guinevere Edomwonyi

Byanca Liseth Rangel  July 14, 2018

Byanca Liseth Rangel July 14, 2018

Excelente comunicación y servicio, además de que todo está limpio y organizado, sin presiones, accesibilidad y disponibilidad al 100%, valió la pena manejar más de una hora para llegar ahí. Estamos muy contentos con nuestra compra! Excellent communication and service, everything looks good and organized, Eddie was really helpful and took pride about his cars, we really enjoyed our purchase, worth the one hour driving to get there!!

Byanca Liseth Rangel

Deidre Hutchinson  April 22, 2018

Deidre Hutchinson April 22, 2018

Addressed every issue with the car and took care of all the paperwork and registration, the whole process was super easy. Super friendly service and he went above and beyond helping us with this find! We will definitely keep an eye on his inventory in the future *especially reasonable prices*, the car is beautiful inside and out! Thankyou!!!!

Deidre Hutchinson

Jaime Labarre Ingrassia  May 10, 2018

Jaime Labarre Ingrassia May 10, 2018

We drove 7 hours to come see this Rover! It was as exactly as Eddie described to the T. Eddie represented himself and the car perfectly. Everything was ready for us, all paper work knocked out in a few short minutes then we loaded up and hit the road. Thank you very much for your clear honest descriptions of this car. This Rover is fantastic!!

Jaime Labarre Ingrassia

Kay Brooks  June 16, 2018

Kay Brooks June 16, 2018

Eddie is probably the most honest and best car dealer in Texas and I am very happy with the service and the product. I would encourage anyone to contact Eddie for a vehicle especially if this is their first time buying a vehicle.

Kay Brooks

Sophia Dompier   August 10, 2018

Sophia Dompier August 10, 2018

Eddie was incredibly helpful and respectful during this process! I'm very excited and satisfied with the car I got, and felt comfortable and informed during the entire deal. At one point my mechanic noted a small fix needed, and I mentioned it to Eddie. He immediately took the car and repaired it without any added cost. Definitely worth going back for help and a confident second opinion!

Sophia Dompier

Lindsey Scribner July 23, 2018

Lindsey Scribner July 23, 2018

This was by far the best/easiest car buying experience we've ever had! Eddie was so nice and such a pleasure to work with! Out of the 6 vehicles I've bought this was the 1st one I didn't have to haggle for hours! Great pricing and awesome car! Thanks Eddie!

Lindsay Scribner

Dewayne White MAy 24, 2018

Dewayne White MAy 24, 2018

Eddis is about the best Car Dealer to deal with. Friendly service & not one of those pushy car salesman. I bought a CLK350 & he made sure it was in great working order before I drove it off. I even came back to let Eddies Staff tint my windows & they did a great job. I am more than satisfied. I may even go back & upgrade my SUV now. Oh!! And Eddie also take trade ins.

Dewayne White

Elisha Karcher Villalva  July 5, 2018

Elisha Karcher Villalva July 5, 2018

We had a wonderful experience working with Eddie! He made the process of buying our Volvo easy. He was never pushy, and allowed us to have our time to think through our decision. I highly recommend him and we will be referring friends and family, when they are looking for another vehicle. Thanks again, Eddie!

Elisha Karcher Villalva

JB Mlambo   November 13, 2017

JB Mlambo November 13, 2017

Just bought a 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5s from Eddie and so far it’s amazing! Car is in great condition and has that nice brand new car smell even though it’s pre-owned! Eddie is an awesome guy and he went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. Loved working with him and will definitely be working with him more in the future and even recommend anyone who is looking to buy a car and have a great experience!

JB Mlambo

Corey Gonzales  August 15, 2018

Corey Gonzales August 15, 2018

Eddie has been very professional and easy going as a car salesman. He takes great care of his customers and makes sure there are no issues. Highly recommended and respected.

Corey Gonzales

Kevin Kulesza   January 21, 2018

Kevin Kulesza January 21, 2018

We recently purchased a vehicle from Eddie for our son. We stumbled across Eddie’s Car Connection while looking at other cars in the area and were immediately impressed by the quality of cars that he had on display. Eddie kept us in the loop throughout the entire process with updates. Unlike the numerous dealers we went to only Eddie listened to what we wanted and found it. Thank you Eddie!

Kevin Kulesza

Roger Tagavilla  October 24, 2018

Roger Tagavilla October 24, 2018

I initially found the Hyundai Veloster online, contacted Eddie by email and he called me back within 1 hour. Eddie is very professional and friendly. He went above and beyond (making walk around videos in the rain)! The paperwork took 10-15 minutes to complete and we drove the car back to Memphis with no problems at all. If you are in the DFW area, I would highly recommend checking out Eddie’s Car Connection. Thanks Eddie, I would definitely drive to Dallas to buy from you again!!

Roger Tagavilla

JR Ayala     August 9, 2018

JR Ayala August 9, 2018

Bought our vehicle with Eddie nothing but great customer service!!

JR Ayala